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Francois Arnaud for Interview Magazine (2013) x

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I write to Sherlock because he’s the only person on the planet I can really talk to, he writes to me because I’m the only one he can talk to, the only one he can ever truly relate to. 

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"As if men had a monopoly on murder."

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24 Dec 13
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Did it ever occur to you that I might be the one who deserves your confidence and your trust, not your sons? Not Jaime or Tyrion but me. Years and years of lectures on family and legacy. The same lecture really, just with tiny, tedious variations. Did it ever occur to you that your daughter might be the only one listening to them, living by them? That she might have the most to contribute to your legacy that you love so much more than your actual children?

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"These two characters never left the moment of ‘on the table about to have sex, and interrupted by the brother’. In a real sense, that’s who they’ve been from the moment we met them in the miniseries until the moment she vanishes on the hill. That’s really who they are. […] They were doomed. Doomed and not doomed. They weren’t doomed lovers, they were frozen lovers. They were like right there, about to go somewhere, and then they just couldn’t, you know, and they just sort of remained in that sort of hover, over the table forever.” — Ronald D. Moore, ‘Daybreak’ extended version commentary

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DarknessAbsolute Darkness

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It turns out that her most memorable qualities define themselves by their absence, because so much of what you might expect isn’t there.

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i’m not a good person

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